Cepatti Leather Shoes

Our leather shoes are handmade and made to last longer. We only use superior veg tan leather for the upper and insole part of the shoe, making them more more healthier for your feet as the leather can be referred as “organic” due to its hypoallergenic qualities. The leather is also environmentally friendly and less harmful as the tanning comes from nature.

In addition, the vegetable tanned leather offers stiffer, firmer and stronger leather. It has a good holding and a better moisture absorption. It also has natural colours and so we can get deeper and more nuanced shades. It has the advantage of aging well and to embellish over the years with a nice patina.

This affords your feet the comfort they need, while remaining stylish for any crowd, at any event. A pair of Cepatti genuine leather shoes leaves you with no blisters, or uncomfortable pinched toes that are normally associated with other style of shoes.

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