Cepatti Leather Shoe Care Guide

In order to keep your CEPATTI genuine leather shoe products in good condition, we advise following these care instructions:

Leather Shoe Sole Care Tips

The soles of your CEPATTI genuine leather shoes for women are made from leather and so they will naturally wear down with extensive wear and/or reckless use.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your genuine leather soles:

Please note that the lacquer of our coloured genuine leather shoe soles will wear off with the extensive use and/or lack of proper care routines. This is not a manufacturing defect, it is a natural process that is part of the normal wear of the shoes.

Genuine Leather vs. Time

It is only natural for the shape of the shoe to change over time, due to the natural expansion and retraction properties of genuine leather in the natural environment. Not only will your CEPATTI genuine leather shoes mould to the shape of your feet, they may also stretch further with extensive wear. Additionally, as leather is indeed a type of skin, the shoes may begin to wrinkle over time or with extensive use.

A simple method for prolonging the suppleness of your CEPATTI genuine leather shoes for women is to stuff your shoes with tissue paper after they have been worn.

We strongly recommend that you consult a leather care professional or a shoemaker for specific care advice. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions and follow our blog for the best care tips, outfit ideas and much more.

CEPATTI Shoes Leather/Fabric Care Tips

We have created these care tips for the great quality material used on CEPATTI genuine leather shoes for women. Follow these instructions and your shoes will be around for a very long time.

Calf and Nappa Leather Care Tips

As is the case with all skins, leather will wrinkle and soften with age. Light colours especially need to be kept out of contact with water and/or other liquids. To maintain the shape of your shoes, you can stuff them with tissue paper when they are not in use. This will help you maintain the supple and smooth natural property of the genuine leather for a longer time. A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather, however, ensure it is spot tested and thoroughly dry before use.

Suede Care Tips

Suede often has subtle colour variations due to the rub of the genuine leather. Excessive exposure to water or other liquids may result in aesthetically displeasing stains. We recommend that you use a protective spray, however, ensure to spot test it first on an inconspicuous area of leather. If you find a small build up of dirt, you can clean the suede with a soft, leather cleaning brush. Make sure that the brush is not overly abrasive to the leather to avoid any damage to your CEPATTI genuine leather shoes.

Floral Woven Fabric Care Tips

Any loose dirt can be wiped away with a soft, damp cloth. We would advise you not to use any cleaning products (liquid cleaners, powdered soaps etc.), especially any that contain solvents that will damage the fabric of your CEPATTI shoes. Avoid scratching and snagging, as this cannot be repaired once it occurs.

Metallic Leather Care Tips

Please be aware that as with all metallic finishes, with time and abrasion, some surface finishing may be lost. Due to the metallic finish on the leather, we recommend that you avoid liquids containing alcohol or solvents. This material is very absorbent and therefore, once a stain is deeply ingrained, it can be impossible to remove.

We recommend that you spray your pale coloured CEPATTI genuine leather shoes with a suitable suede protector. Due to the metallic finish, the protector must be water-based and it cannot not contain any alcohol or solvents. A soft, rubber suede brush may also be used to carefully clean away any loose dirt, but it should be used with the utmost care to avoid any damage to the material.

Patent Leather Care Tips

Patent leather is made from 100% genuine leather, finished with a mixture of acrylic and polyurethane for a longer lasting, durable finish. Any dirt adhering to patent leather can be removed with a damp cloth. With regards to ageing, patent leather may eventually lose its glossy finish.

Patent leather will easily absorb ink or any other pigments, so we strongly recommend that you store your CEPATTI genuine leather shoes in their dust bag when they are not in use. The reason we recommend this is so that the shoes can avoid any contact with dark or heavily printed materials. Take care to avoid any contact with alcohol or any other type of solvent.